mercredi 23 avril 2008

3D WorKS

DemoReel 2008
curriculum vitae

3rd year - 2007/2008 - Maya

"Krush" - Work In Progress

"Krush" is a student movie. The release date is july 11th.
Whatch the trailer here.

What i made on this project:
-decor modeling (warehouse)

-character modeling and UV map( the humans )
-character skinning (all characters; 4 creatures and 2 humans)

-some modeling props
-animation for the animatic (half-movie)

What i'm doing: -character animation

My last animation on "Krush".

a render test with Mental Ray


This image comes from an 20'sec animation. The goal was to pratice the fluid system of Maya.


This animation was an exercise on the Hair system of Maya.

Personal work

This image was made for the poster contest for the 10th year anniversary of Laval virtual.

training period

The aim of this training period of 6 weeks was to made an animation prototype of a virtual electronic lesson. It's not a final product, just a broad outline.
What i made on this project:
- decor modeling ( cockpit )
- Skinning
- animation ( 50 seconds )

2nd Year - 2006/2007 - Maya


"Totem" is a 4'08 short created by a team of 6 people on Maya 8.5.
It is the confrontation between an indian and a white guy for the forest preservation.
What i made on this movie:
-decor modeling & set up (forest decor)
- Skinning
- animation

"Votez Pingouins"

This is my first Maya animation.
The interest of this exercise was to create an animation based on an imposed sound.


The aim of this work was to model an abstract concept.
I choose to represente the birth of life. I took my inspiration from the shamanic belief, and in the book of the Anthropologist Jeremy Narby, " The Cosmic Snake".

1st Year - 2005/2006 - 3DS MAX

"To bear or not to bear"

"To bear or not to bear " is a student movie created by a team of 4 people on 3d Studio Max 8.
What i made on this movie: -decor modeling (outside)
-Character modeling
- Skinning
- animation
- Texturing


This is my first 3d animation created with 3d studio max.

"EVA 01"

The subject of this work was to model a vehicule. I chose to model the EVA 01 from the manga Evangelion.


First schoolwork in 3d. It was asked to model a building.